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What is Swansea Bayways?

In line with the Welsh Governmentโ€™s Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013, Swansea Council has committed to providing and promoting active travel routes across the City and County of Swansea. This means that more of us can easily and safely commute by foot and bicycle.

Swansea Council has been investing in the Swansea Bayways Walk Cycle Network with over 118km of high quality walking and cycling routes and infrastructure. More routes are being added all the time to allow more and more people to get involved!

We hope to inspire you to give the new network a try for your short, everyday journeys. Perhaps walking or cycling will soon become your preferred way of getting to work and getting around – even if itโ€™s just a few times a week, together we can make a huge difference!

swansea bayways cycle path map


Why walk or cycle?

Save money on costly parking and petrol

Reduce your carbon footprint

Increase your mental and physical wellbeing

Enjoy your city and its surroundings

Meet new people in your community

Create a safer, quieter, cleaner environment