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Getting back on your bike is easy! Whether you haven’t cycled in years, have never cycled at all, or usually ride for just leisure, it’s easy to commute with Swansea Bayways.

It’s quicker than you think to get around by bike…

Swansea Bayways Network

The Swansea Bayways Network consists of over 118km of on and off-road cycling routes for all abilities with more routes being added all the time. The network has been colour-coded with bike-friendly travel routes to help people get around Swansea by bike.

Following cycling signage

Understanding the signs along cycle paths and routes will help you to get to your destination safely. Here are some examples of signs that you might see on your journey. 

Riding of pedal cycles prohibited
Route for use by pedal cycles only
Route for use by pedal cycles and pedestrians only
Separated route for pedestrians and pedal cycles

Be Safe

Be vigilant

Be considerate

Looking after your bike - it’s as easy as A-B-C!

A is for air

Keep tyres pumped and check the wheels go round unimpeded. If they don’t, look for brakes or mudguards rubbing.

B is for brakes

The most important part of a bike! To check the front brake, push the bike forward and then apply the lever (usually the right hand one). The bike should stop. For the back brake, do the same but push the bike backwards. If in doubt, get it checked.

C is for chains, cables and cogs

Look for frayed cables, lubricate the chain and check that the handlebars and saddle don’t move.

Keeping your bike safe

  • Lock your bike frame to something solid and use a good bike lock. It’s best to use two different types of locks (e.g. D-lock and cable).
  • Take accessories with you.
  • Note your bike make, model and frame number. Take a photograph of you and your bike to prove ownership.
  • Consider insurance.
  • Register your bike so police will be able to match it with you if it is stolen. Details of bike registration providers can be found here.