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Tricky junctions? A need for a dropped kerb? Or perhaps a missing section of a cycle path… now is the time to have your say on the future of walking and cycling in Swansea. 

The newly launched Commonplace project is seeking your input to help shape the next edition of the Active Travel Network Map (ATNM) for Swansea. Focusing on built-up areas in the City and County of Swansea, the project aims to improve areas where there is the greatest need for change and highest potential for more people to choose walking or cycling for their daily journeys.  

Thanks to The Active Travel (Wales) Act, a landmark piece of Welsh legislation brought forward in 2013, which aims to make it easier for people to walk and cycle in Wales, you can put forward you views on how the networks could be improved from 2022 onwards to help promote walking and cycling as viable modes of transport for everyday journeys, such as commuting to work. 

Developing active travel infrastructure across the City and County of Swansea enables those living and working in the area to use active travel as a sustainable and prominent, first choice of travel. This in turn improves health, wellbeing and air quality. 

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Of the 72,000 household in Swansea, 60% are located within 500 meters of a dedicated cycle route. Whilst some routes are well known and prominent features of the Swansea landscape, there are many, if not the vast majority, which are unknown but provide excellent off-road infrastructure for users.  The Swansea Bayways walking and cycling network has over 118km of high-quality walking and cycling routes with more routes being added all the time… all you need to do is find the route closest to you! Download the Swansea Bayways map to get started or use our easy route planner to help plan your commute

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