No need to be stumped by the Swansea Bayways signs

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If you are planning to get out on your bike to enjoy the new Swansea Bayways network of scenic and handy routes, here is a reminder of some of the signs you will see, to help guide you along your way.

Signs such as this one, below, marking a Swansea Bay Cycle Route, show your available destinations on this route, which direction you need to travel in to reach them, and how many miles you need to travel to get there.

Swansea cycling sign

So, this sign indicates that you are taking Route Number 4, as marked in the square box, and that it is both part of the Swansea Bay Cycle Routes network (red bicycle wheel logo) as well as The Celtic Trail (green and white logo) a wider network of routes that criss-cross South Wales.

As part of the Swansea Bayways scheme, we want to encourage as many people as possible to get out on their bicycle and on foot to enjoy the 118km of scenic and interesting routes in our backyard, but it is important that this is done as safely as possible.

So you will need to be alert to the signs below too, which alert route users to key restrictions that should be obeyed. The signs below indicate:

Explanation of cycling signage

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